I can’t recall if it was leaving or arriving.

The Green Rooms

This is an excerpt from a project documenting the everyday realities of a group of young transexual men in Imphal. It follows some of them engaged in performing arts as they prepare for public performances. In a society yet to come to terms with the nuances of human gender and sexuality, they tend to converge around these practices esp. Sumaang Lilaa. It is a traditional form of theater usually with an all male cast which the people of Manipur has come to accept and love. Apart from helping in securing a livelihood, this practice brings about an assertion of their identity on a public platform. Onstage they live the lives of magnificent heroines as an audience, who is willing to accept them in this limited context, watches on in awe.

Meanwhile they remain in society’s green room.

January 26th 2014, we got married. Kundo and I.

As the song goes Bãwre se is jahãn mein bãwrã ek sãth ho

Photographs courtesy of Rashingam Ngoruh. View the whole wedding album here.

Cosmic Motion Picture Frame


Inside a cosmic motion picture frame
I constantly break just to reshape
like a thought going through a blank page
like wearing a name without a face
like in the emptiness pulsating space
never the less trapped inside an invisible cage
Inside a cosmic motion picture frame
the morning sunlight falls on your face
reflections bouncing off the mirror
shadows hanging lightly over your head
nevertheless trapped inside an invisible cage

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Hail winter. Winter is here.

Time passing by around a dismal albino horse in front of A2Z.